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Aureus is a social business, a limited company driven by social goals. We deliver excellent value in helping individuals and organisations make a genuine social impact through their activities, through their philanthropy, through corporate giving and through socially-minded enterprise.  

We try always to think differently, to be creative, to be enterprising and  encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in those with whom we work.


At the heart of the Aureus philosophy is recognition that there is never a 'one size fits all' approach. Each organisation with whom we work has unique characteristics and assets that make it like none other. To best serve the needs of our clients, we want to 'get beneath the skin' of an organisation, to understand its people, ensure its distinctiveness and work in ways in keeping with its ethos, style and values.


Additionally, we recognise that life within the third sector has been turbulent for many. The funding landscape has changed and will continue to change. For organisations to flourish they need to operate as well-run, benign businesses and find ways to diversify their revenue streams.


  • Business Planning, Organisational Strategy & Feasability Studies 
  • Development of Projects, Programmes, Campaigns & Social Ventures 
  • Fundraising Strategy & Implementation 
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Character Education
  • Supporting Social Responsibility Agendas & Individual Philanthropy  


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